What Size Cake Do I Need?

Cakes come in all shapes and sizes so how can you decide what size cake you are going to need for your event. Whether you are celebrating on a small or a large scale the size of your cake plays a very important role.

The size of the cake you choose depends on a number of factors. Ask yourself the questions below and then take a look at the sizing guides in the image gallery on this page. If you are still unsure please get in touch with us to discuss your cake dreams.

  • How many people are you catering for?
  • Is the cake going to be the main dessert or just a morsel served with coffee?
  • What other sweet items will you be serving?
  • Will the cake be a decorative centrepiece?
  • Did you want the cake to be bigger than you need so that it meets the wow factor?
  • Are you packaging some up for friends and family that can’t be at the event?
  • Did you want to save some to have later?